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I enable leaders to achieve their unreasonable dreams

Caught your interest? Since the mid 90’s I have been working with leaders and their teams in Corporates, SMEs and the Public Sector to define their ‘unreasonable dreams’ and then achieve them.

I speak to Chief Executive groups across the UK and Ireland, at international conferences and within organisational teams on the key ingredients of Leadership. As a professional speaker with Vistage International, I’ve won ‘Outperforming Speaker’ and ‘Most in Demand New Speaker of 2018.’

As an Executive Coach, I work with Chief Executives and aspiring leaders to achieve their full potential. I am here to help you to go outside your comfort zone, to stretch yourself to achieve more than you thought you could and to create a worthwhile life.

I develop you and your teams to normalise discomfort. To have the courage to show vulnerability and openness, to create a culture of safety in your teams to try new things, fail, learn and grow. I help leaders move, on purpose, into their stretch zone, with energy, passion and in flow.

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