Ian Windle speaking at Vistage Event

I enable leaders to achieve their unreasonable dreams...

Caught your interest? Since the mid 90’s I have been working with leaders and their teams in Corporates, SMEs and the Public Sector to define their ‘unreasonable dreams’ and then achieve them.

I speak to Chief Executive groups across the UK and Ireland, at international conferences and within organisational teams on the key ingredients of Leadership.

As a professional speaker with Vistage International, I’ve won ‘Outperforming Speaker’ and ‘Most in Demand New Speaker of 2018.’

As an Executive Coach, I work with Chief Executives and aspiring leaders to achieve their full potential. I am here to help you to go outside your comfort zone, to stretch yourself to achieve more than you thought you could and to create a worthwhile life.

I develop you and your teams to normalise discomfort. To have the courage to show vulnerability and openness, to create a culture of safety in your teams to try new things, fail, learn and grow. I help leaders move, on purpose, into their stretch zone, with energy, passion and in flow.

For the past three years, I’ve delivered my programme, The Leadership Map, to CEOs and company directors across the UK and Ireland. Now, this valuable content is available in my new book by the same name. Get your copy today!

Five stars! This is an inspiring read: practical, with loads of examples, frameworks and strategies and personal reflections by the author. The chapters end with reflective questions, which would be the great basis of a journaling process, or discussion topics with a friend or colleague.... or simply to ponder. I'm so pleased I've read it and will definitely return to it over the years.

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