Team bonding in a tug of war

Why Teams Bond

It’s one of the joys of my life to observe people and teams, grow, change direction, stretch themselves, show vulnerability and become what they want to be, not rest on what they are.

Group of people in strategy meeting

Strategy 101

Strategy is one of the most overused, yet misunderstood, words in leadership circles. And the biggest danger is that the members of your leadership team have different views about what it means. In other words: there is no clarity and alignment.

Picture of businessman with feet up

Are You A Lazy Leader?

Are you a gritty leader, or a lazy one? How we act (not what we say) day in and day out will make the difference to the culture, the churn rate, the engagement of your people and lead to changes in productivity, effectiveness, creativity and innovation and, ultimately, our credibility and success as a leader.

Definition of Leadership

How do you define leadership?

A colleague and I interviewed 30 middle managers and asked them: “How are you judged as a leader?” Their response was fascinating and alarming in equal measure.

Two people standing at a window

What do leaders need to do now?

The world we live in now is volatile and uncertain; we’re balancing health issues and our businesses and we’re faced with moral dilemmas daily. Leaders face a massive task.

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