There is no rule book

At every turn, leaders are pulled in all directions.

Beginning with ‘No Grit No Pearl,’ each episode of Gritty Leaders Club explores a tension or paradox of leadership…asking how founders, entrepreneurs and scale-up CEOs decide which way to turn.

No Bullsh!t Leadership

“Pick the top few things that create value. Drop all the other sh!t and don’t worry about it.” Gritty Leaders Club interviews Martin G Moore during the run-up to publication of his new book, No Bullsh!t Leadership, in which Marty lays out his essential steps to lift your leadership – and your organization – to a higher level.

The Leadership Challenge

Inspired by the book, The Leadership Challenge, by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner, we look at five behaviours exhibited by the best leaders – how do you measure up?

The Five Dysfunctions Of A Team

Patrick Lencioni’s ‘The Five Dysfunctions Of A Team’ has become a classic followed by teams worldwide.  Ben and Ian explore the model and when and how to apply it.

Leading With Purpose, with Jim Kirkwood of TTC

Jim Kirkwood, CEO of TTC of discusses scaling the business, his approach to leadership, navigating challenges and the gritty leader he most admires.

What is Strategy (Part 2)

How do the elements come together to produce a strategy? Also, Ben talks about Reni Eddo-Lodge’s book, Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race, and Ian discusses ‘Intent.’

Culture Defining Moments, with Luke Fisher of Mo

Ben talks with Luke Fisher, founder and CEO of London based software company Mo, about engagement, culture, investment and taking a growth company to break out and beyond.

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