The Leadership Map

Five stars! This is an inspiring read: practical, with loads of examples, frameworks and strategies and personal reflections by the author. The chapters end with reflective questions, which would be the great basis of a journaling process, or discussion topics with a friend or colleague.... or simply to ponder. I'm so pleased I've read it and will definitely return to it over the years.

The Leadership Map

In January, 2021, I launched The Leadership Map, an open programme designed to help middle and senior managers grow their skills and raise their game. The Leadership Map programme is an extension of a series of award-winning speaker workshops I have run with over 700 leaders across the UK and Ireland since 2018.

The response has been fantastic, and on 4 May 2021, my book, The Leadership Map, hit the shelves and immediately became a ‘Best Seller in Small Business and Entrepreneurship’ category.

The Leadership Map covers twelve subjects. These subjects form the individual workshops in the programme and the chapters in the book. These are full day workshops (one every 8 weeks), providing cutting edge, researched leadership content, models, theories, and stories of businesses who have successfully put theory into practice.

Each workshop concludes with all participants committing to actions they will take back to and use in their businesses.

Strategic Decision Filters

1. Purpose

2. Vision

3. Values

4. Strategy

People & Teams

5. Status Quo

6. Dream Teams

7. Engage the Emotions

8. Show Grit

Strategy Execution

9. Structure

10. Strategic Priorities

11. Measuring Success

12. Meeting Rythym

Part One: Strategic Decision Filters

Every business, once it moves beyond start-up and into scale-up, needs to nail these four critical areas. I call them strategic decision filters. Why? Because, when you have these in place, every decision you make becomes easier, from the strategic to the tactical.

When you work with your top team to create next year’s strategic priorities, they must be in line with your purpose, your vision, your values and, of course, your strategy. Your people need to demonstrate how they live your values in their day-to-day actions.

When your front-line staff deal with your customers, they need to understand your point of difference versus that of your competitors (strategy) and demonstrate your values (the behaviours you want to see) in everything they do and say.

Part Two: People & Teams

As many great leaders have said, “The most important thing a leader can do is to develop another leader.”

This section is all about developing people and creating amazing teams. It starts with a journey into challenge, stretch and growth and describes how to create a business where this is part of the DNA.

I’ll show you how to develop high-performing teams based on a common purpose and goals, in the knowledge that it is safe to take a risk.

We then explore engaging emotions to create happy and motivated workforces; we look at why this is essential, and how it massively increases productivity.

The final chapter in Part Two looks at how to develop gritty, resilient people around you.

Part Three: Strategy Execution

This final area starts with a look at what kind of organizational structure is most suitable for your business. It then describes a robust way of creating your strategic priorities.

Next, you’ll need to review and assess how you are doing through a ‘dashboard’ of key performance indicators (KPIs). These must be available in a comprehensive scorecard format that shows your top team the financial information (which is historically based) and some predictors of future performance through KPIs on customers, your people and internal systems and processes.

The final chapter in Part 3 is about the types of meetings you need to run, from strategic to tactical, and how to make them the best part of your day.

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