How much does fear rule your decision as a leader?

Leaders envision the future, set stretch goals and targets and challenge and support their people to get there. The question is: are you playing it safe or are you taking the “managed” risk? Depending on the stories you are telling yourself and the conditions you are setting for your leadership team, you just might be playing it too safe.

It's good to get uncomfortable

As I’ve said in other blogs and most clearly in my TEDx, you must be setting an unreasonable dream for your business. That is not as weird as it might seem.

Think of what reasonable is first. Reasonable means something that you can do now, with your current capacity and capability. However, what happens when you set a reasonable goal is that people really don’t get excited and more importantly it creates zero or little energy and results in no learning and growth.

Now, let’s think unreasonable. Suddenly there is energy in the room, along with excitement and a little fear. People are asking what are we going to do to get there? You won’t have all the answers and that’s the point, it will challenge your leaders and your people to work them!

Are you in?

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