I inspire people to become better leaders

I’ve spoken at international conferences, Henley and Ashridge Business Schools, Corporations, SMEs and across the NHS. In 2018, I won both the ‘Most In Demand New Speaker’ and the ‘Outperformer’ Awards for the most prestigious leadership organisation in the world: Vistage.

When I speak at your event, I’ll engage your audience with business insights that are practical, useful and usable as soon as they leave the room.

I tell stories based on personal experiences, inspiring business models, inspired business leaders and entirely achievable ways of helping the people in your organisation become great leaders.

My TEDx Woking Talk, “Why you need an unreasonable dream,” captures one of my most important messages: personal growth relies on stretching oneself to the point of genuine discomfort. You can watch it here.

Inspirational, challenging and out of the box thinking – and a great and authentic presenter. If you need state of the art learning and cultural change solutions with high impact and value to the business; Ian is the man to go to!

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