I develop teams to achieve their full potential

Leadership is one of the most overused and misunderstood words in business. We know a good leader when we see one, but we are often confused about how to get there and how to create truly high performing teams around us. Great leaders are made, not born, they take risks and fail, they learn and grow, they show vulnerability and courage and they know they can’t do it alone.

I work with leadership groups to turn them in high-performing teams; educating, coaching and challenging them on the journey.

I typically work with leadership teams to:

  • Create or refresh their Purpose, Vision and Values
  • Establish their Annual Strategic Priorities, Actions and KPIs
  • Develop the team’s Vulnerability-based trust, challenge, commitment and accountability

I have delivered my award-winning leadership programme, The Leadership Map, to hundreds of businesses across the UK and Ireland. This programme, launched to Vistage CEO peer groups in 2018, was the most in demand new workshop that year with speaker ratings above 90% for both content and delivery.

I wanted to follow up and offer again my thanks for yesterday. It was another really great, career-affirming session that I took a lot from, particularly as a result of being “hot-seated”. What a great tool that is!

Like some of my colleagues I’ve participated in leadership development programmes in previous employment. The journey that you’re taking us on, and how you’re going about it, is in a completely different league. I feel very fortunate both personally and as a team member to be working with you.

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