I challenge and support people to step outside their comfort zones

Are you acting ‘as if’ you are the best version of yourself every day? I coach leaders and aspiring leaders in global blue-chip companies, SMEs, and the Public Sector. I coach the whole person; challenging and supporting you in your business and personal life as well as your health and wellbeing. All are interconnected and have to be seen as parts of the whole you.

When I work with you, I will help you find your true purpose, what the Japanese call your Ikigai, a life worthwhile.

I will then help you define your “unreasonable dream,” a statement that will show what you will become in the future, something beyond your current capability and capacity. This statement becomes your personal North Star, a light to guide your actions. With this in place, I can support and challenge you on the journey.

To be successfully coached, you have to...

  • Want to learn, grow and be challenged
  • Show openness and vulnerability
  • Take action and stretch yourself

Ian Windle is a fantastic coach and mentor. I've learnt more from him in the last few years, both personally and professionally, than I did in the previous 10 years. This has helped me enormously in my career and business, and I have no doubt that this wouldn't have happened without Ian's input which is always challenging, supportive, thoughtful and encouraging.

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