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Growing Your Leadership Skills

In January 2021, I launched The Leadership Map open programme, a leadership training programme for middle and senior managers who want to develop their skills as leaders and up their game.

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Are You A Lazy Leader?

Are you a gritty leader, or a lazy one? How we act (not what we say) day in and day out will make the difference to the culture, the churn rate, the engagement of your people and lead to changes in productivity, effectiveness, creativity and innovation and, ultimately, our credibility and success as a leader.

Definition of Leadership

How do you define leadership?

A colleague and I interviewed 30 middle managers and asked them: “How are you judged as a leader?” Their response was fascinating and alarming in equal measure.

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What do leaders need to do now?

The world we live in now is volatile and uncertain; we’re balancing health issues and our businesses and we’re faced with moral dilemmas daily. Leaders face a massive task.

How do you create a shared company vision?

The three words that are equally important are ‘inspire,’ ‘shared’ and ‘vision’. You need a vision, you must share it – not only with your leadership team, but with your whole workforce – and it needs to inspire your people to go for it.

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