49: The Power of the Ownership Effect” in business – a conversation with Ifty Nasir, CEO of Vestd Equity Management platform

Ifty Nasir is the founder and CEO of Vestd, the UK’s original share scheme and equity management platform. The company now has over 70 people working remotely with plans for international expansion. Tune in to hear about Ifty’s background and being influenced by immigrant parents, what makes a great remote culture, the concept of ownership, and what we can learn from Mahatma Gandhi. In this episode, we explore: The concept of the “ownership effect” How does Vestd demystify complex concepts …

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48: Lessons in leadership from Brendan Hall, Round the World Yacht Race Winning Skipper

Brendan Hall is an expert in building empowered teams and navigating treacherous waters. As the skipper of the winning yacht in the Clipper Round-the-World Yacht Race, he led a team of 44 crew on a record-breaking 40,000 nautical mile race around the world on 70-foot ocean racing yachts. Brendan now helps corporate leaders and teams achieve their full collaborative potential through high-impact keynote speeches and interactive workshops. In this episode, we explore: Why is personal autonomy important for motivation and …

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47: Building a global business for the mind. The art and science of Goal Mapping with founder Brian Mayne

Brian Mayne is a goal mapping expert with a powerful purpose: to reach 7 million people and share the transformative practice of goal mapping. Brian is a global speaker, author, and seminar leader. He joins the show to share the transformative practice of having the right framework to set goals. In this episode, we explore: How does goal mapping differ from other goal-setting techniques? How can it contribute to growth and innovation within teams or organisations? Incorporating goal mapping into …

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46: Fear, Grit, Purpose and Pearls: A conversation with Penina Shepherd, founder and CEO of Acumen Business Law & Acumen People

Penina Shepherd is the author of the visionary book ‘The Freedom Revolution’, a multi-award winning entrepreneur, an inspiring keynote speaker, a business lawyer and the founder of ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW, a ‘Top 50 Innovative Law Firms in the UK and Europe’ (Financial Times). Penina addresses the often-misunderstood concept of purpose, and that passion does not necessarily need to be discovered from a young age. Tune in as she also shares insights on creating a truly different law firm, the importance …

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45: In conversation with Hannah Miller, founder of sidekick: Revealing the strengths of unique, brave and exceptional leaders

Ever wondered how understanding your strengths can help you navigate through significant career transitions? Meet Hannah Miller, a business graduate who ventured from advertising to charity work, ultimately landing in impoverished Birmingham communities as a teacher, and later on, founding Sidekick. Hannah and Ben dissect leveraging individual strengths within a team, the qualities of unique and brave leaders, the impact of personality traits on burnout, the importance of setting priorities, staying organised, and being honest with ourselves when managing a …

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44: Beyond Start-Up: The 10 Pre-Requisites for Scaling Up

In this episode we delve into the world of scaling up businesses and the importance of maintaining culture during the process. We’ll be exploring the challenges that come with scaling and how to prevent culture from going sideways. Tune in as we also unpack values-based hiring, the link between culture and performance, the concept of flywheels, and the importance of transitioning from founder mode to CEO mode – and so much more! Get in touch Email Ben: ben@leaderandteam.com Email Ian: …

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43: Creating your dreams in Virtual Reality, an interview with nDreams founder and CEO Patrick O’Luanaigh

Patrick O’Luanaigh is the founder and CEO of nDreams, a fast-growing independent games developer and publisher focused on Virtual Reality games and experiences. He founded nDreams in late 2006, and has grown the company from a one-man team to one of the world’s leading VR specialists with over 230 full-time studio staff. Tune in as we delve into the future of VR, the crunch culture in gaming, and the importance of bringing energy into the workplace. Get in touch Email …

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42: Essential Principles – the Power of Non-Negotiables for a Scale-Up Company Leader

In this week’s episode, Ian and Ben are discussing non-negotiables. From the industry defining values of Elon Musk and Steve Jobs, to the actionable priorities that scale-ups companies can employ. How can writing your non-negotiables down map your team’s path forward? Tune in as Ben and Ian share their personal and workplace non-negotiables. Get in touch Email Ben: ben@leaderandteam.com Email Ian: ian@ianwindle.com

41: Building Strong Foundations – The Art of Knowing Your Scaleup Team

In this episode your co-hosts Ben and Ian sit down for a conversation which covers the vital area of knowing your people. We cover the key areas of building trust and showing vulnerability, the importance of stretch and growth mindset, the use of assessment tools such as DISC and the importance of understanding the nuances of intergenerational theories. Get in touch Email Ben: ben@leaderandteam.com Email Ian: ian@ianwindle.com

40: Founding and Scaling an international professional services business with culture and people at its heart, with Ben Bradford CEO of BB7

In this episode Ben Bradford, CEO of BB7, a fire and facade advisory firm, reveals how he founded and developed his now million pound business from a bootstrap startup. Today Ben and his team are trusted with projects nationally and internationally. The firm was founded on seven galvanizing leadership principles. In today’s conversation we explore how workplace values can inform a business’s direction and how these can be incorporated to truly scale a business and create a positive culture. Get …

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