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There is no rule book

At every turn, leaders are pulled in all directions.

Beginning with ‘No Grit No Pearl,’ each episode of Gritty Leaders Club explores a tension or paradox of leadership…asking how founders, entrepreneurs and scale-up CEOs decide which way to turn.

39: Scaling a Leisure Business with Dom Gaynor

In this episode Dom Gaynor, CEO of TeamSport, shares how he helped grow a small go-karting business from three small UK sites to an international business focusing on leisure and team building. Dom imparts his expertise with regards to growing and scaling the business via online marketing, new sales tactics and external investment.

In today’s conversation we learn how to retain core values whilst growing a business and why culture is key for sustainable growth.

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Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast, Gen Z and The Big Yak with business turnaround leader Emma Simpson

In this episode Emma Simpson shares her experience of becoming an ‘accidental leader’. At the age of 30, Emma was given the opportunity to salvage a problematic business. Through smart recruitment and corporate culture building, Emma was able to make the necessary changes to help her business thrive. Today Emma is a management coach and mentor to some of the leading brands in her field.

In today’s conversation we learn how to introduce practical team building exercises as well as open dialogues.

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37: Ask strategically. How important are questions?

Ben shares some key insights from his Henley Business School Master’s research on the psychology of coaching and behaviour change. What stood out was the power of asking good questions – and that they should arise naturally, not from a rigid framework or book. Tune in as we unpack more about Ben’s ‘aha moments’ from his thesis, the symbiotic relationship between coach and manager, the role of facilitative questions, getting comfortable with silence – and the lowlights of writing 20,000 words.

Shorts: Hiring For Strengths

In these ‘Shorts’ episodes of the Gritty Leaders Club Podcast, we select our standout moments from previous episodes. This one comes from episode 31 where we sat down to talk about getting the right people in and keeping the wrong people out. Tune in to this clip as we delve into the differences between hiring for strengths versus the absence of weaknesses – and what larger organisations can learn from startups when it comes to this.

36: Ian’s Ironman 70.3: Rising to the mental and physical challenges of an 8 hour endurance race

In this week’s episode, Ian opens up about his battle with prostate cancer, which ultimately led to taking part in a gruelling half Iron Man. During training Ian quickly discovered his inner strength, as well as realising that he is a ‘starter-finisher’ when it comes to substantial challenges. Some of the key takeaways in this conversation are the importance of preparation, and the benefits of taking a risk.

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